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I started with photography in a roundabout way - my training was in videography and then I sort of fell into a photography job. I loved it and have been lucky to earn a living doing something I'm passionate about ever since!



A few years later I've gone full circle and now work as a full time videographer, but I still carry on with photography in my freelance and personal projects. With video and photography being so intertwined these days, I love being able to dip my toes into either when required!



I also love to travel and when I'm away I'm one of those annoying people who have to stop and take a picture of everything. In recent years I've been lucky enough to visit Japan and Iceland which have been some of my favourite places to photograph (although Glasgow itself provides plenty of opportunities!).



I'm always available for freelance work. The 'CONTACT' page has a short form if you would like to get in touch for commissions.



Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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